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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Global entry card: willl it help?

I'm en route to France for another series of stories that will run in The News-Herald this winter, and now at Dulles International waiting to board and Air France flight to Paris. One of the reasons for choosing this as my gateway is because Ive applied for a Global Entry card which will supposedly speed my entry back into the country by allowing me to bypass long lines at customs and imigration. In addition to the paperwork about me and my life Ive filled out online I need to have an in person interview and be fingerprinted. Although  there are several  places to have these interviews, Dulles International is one of them, and my appointment is scehduled about a half hour from now.

Part of the plan is the the card will help me get home sooner. No matter where I come back into the US, there's usually a long layover for a flight to Cleveland. And hanging aorund an airport is the last thing I want to do after the end of a long flight home,which often means 24 hours en route before I hit my bed in Mentor. If I can get through customs quickly on Sept 21 I have hope of being able to catch a 3 p.m. flight back to Cleveland instead of waiting at Dulles another couple hours for a later flight. But since my Air France flight will arrive at 1 p.m.  and westward fflights not only take longer they are ferequnelty late because of prevailing winds, a 1 pm arrival likely wont give me anough wiggle room to make a 3pm flight home, given how long the customs precess will likely take with 450 passengers aboard .

So wish me luck. I'l let you know. This could be the best thing since hot bread...or not.


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