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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Long awaited BurgerFi to open on Tuesday

I've just spoken to Doug O'Brien who will open his new BurgerFi restaurant in Mentor on Tuesday. While we sat at a patio table and spoke,  people kept coming in off Mentor Avenue and trying to order. Apparently they missed  the signs out front announcing that Tuesday was the big day.

They've  done an amazing job of remodeling the former Little Mountain Farmers Market, which must have been a nightmare given that in the distant past it  was a corner gas station  The menu is limited to hot dogs and hamburgers and O'Brien is proudest of the fact that he offers the best meat available - grass fed beef that's been humanely raised with no antibiotics. A Kobe beef hotdog on the menu over the counter caught my eye.

 Despite the fact that there are no salads on the menu, everything from tables to napkins is very green, he said ---    made of recycled plastics.  One big difference between this place and others is its menu of craft beers and wines.

 It's in a prime location at the edge of Old Mentor on the corner of Little Mountain Road and will be open every day..  I'll have more details for Monday's paper.

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