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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weenie A Go Go a great little place

Jessica Johnson has had a string of bad luck starting with getting her tent blown down in a storm when camping near Nashville to see Paul McCartney in concert. She got soaked, her tent was destroyed and she brought back a strep throat which put her down and out for a nearly a week. Her Weenie A GoGo hot dog shop in Mentor remained closed while she was under repair from an antibiotic. The hot dog emporium is pretty new and has developed a following and she hated to disappoint her customers.

She got to work Monday preparing fresh toppings for her opening on Tuesday, but later discovered the power had gone out sometime in the night. The condiments she prepared had to be tossed along with a package of hotdogs she purchased on Monday.

"I serve everything fresh every day or it would have been worse," she said. The power problem got fixed late Tuesday and she was up and running for a short time before a storm took the power out again.

Wednesday is open mic night, the most popular night of the week so she hustled her way through the day buying fresh provisions and getting things ready.

Jessica's Weenie A Go Go shop is featured in Thursday's News-Herald and the story  has just gone up online. It includes a recipe for mi bahn which could make a great hot dog  topping.

The bad luck continued with a typo that got her address wrong. We ran a correction, but got a lot of calls from those looking to find it.

Her place is almost straight across Mentor Avenue from Melt. So perhaps it will catch the eyes of a few  of those who continue to throng that temple to grilled cheese.

We hope the story brings Jessica a change of fortune.


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