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Sunday, July 14, 2013

July Travel: Louisville bourbon to Disney plus an Ohio budget waterpark and golfing WVa

A bourbon with champagne drink served in a flute glass is a house specialty at the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville.

Traveling vicariously or planning future forays away? Today's travel section will inspire you and give you the tools you need to make it reality..

Consider Louisville, six hours or so away, and bourbon comes to mind. Find out why that is and how bourbon is not only a part of the infrastructure but a huge draw for visitors from here and away. The same limestone that makes bourbon good was used to build the states roads and bridges, leaving behind a vast underground cavern that is today strung with ziplines. It's brilliant really because ziplining here can be year round since the "cave" is a constant  58 degrees summer and winter.  Learn about the urban bourbon trail and how to make the iconic Hot Brown, which is far from good for you but yummy to many.

Charred oak wood barrels can only be used once in the making of bourbon, so one cottage industry that has sprung up is the aging of salt, vanilla  and other foods in the used bourbon barrels.

Then head west to a new waterpark with a Maui motif that's positioning itself as a less expenseive family friendly place. Staffer Betsy  Scott's kids loved it. Who can't benefit from this news?

And sports editor Mark Podolski's little boy, who's only 4, told his dad he wanted to live at the "Cars"-themed Disney hotel when they arrived in Orlando  and that was before he'd even stepped into the Magic Kingdom. The entire family was enthralled and his boy's grandmother came along and got to witness the whole thing - which the elicited goosebumps  that others have described when a dream comes true.

Staffer David Glasier finds almost heaven in West Virginia  links where he golfed courses ranging from budget  getaways to high end resort -  the illustrious Greenbrier, no less.  Get the lowdown on each and even if everyone in the family is not a golfer you'll find great inspiration.


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