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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

BurgerFi opens so have a look

My BurgerFi cheeseburger was really, truly one of the best I'd even eaten. As franchisee Doug O'Brien said, the proof is in the taste. It's all natural beef, with no antibiotics or hormones and humanely raised, he told me.
Full disclosure: I only eat about three hamburgers a year so may not be the best of judges.
I visited the day before the Grand Opening when they were trying things out on family members and invited guests. The place is at the edge of my Old Mentor neighborhood so I've watched as the transformation from the long vacant Little Mountain Farmer Market took place. I was happy see roses planted around the perimeter and a lawn installed in front, next to Mentor Avenue.
The BAD burger, seen almost devoured in the video that accompanies this blog, stands for Breakfast All Day and includes maple syrup, a fried egg, hash browns, grilled onions, hickory bacon and American cheese atop a Black Angus burger. It costs $6.97, a dollar more than the cheeseburger I ordered.
It's nice to know that this place offers local craft beers and wine, priced at about $5, which is close to the price of onion rings or fries.
But I have to wonder about yet another burger place. There probably are a dozen places to get a hambureer within a mile or two of this place at Mentor Avenue and Little Mountain Road. And every time I turn around I've met someone else who is embracing a largely meatless lifestyle, including quite  few folks calling themselves vegans.
And even though the recession may officially be over, whether it's from downsizing or no raises a whole lot of us are earning less than we were five years ago, so dining out choices become more and more limited. And this is a place where it's easy to spend $30 for dinner for two.
But the food is really, really good and the service is friendly. So I hope it all works for BurgerFi.


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