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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wish Alan Iacofano a happy anniversary

The Iacofano family shares wine in Napa Valley. From left are the senior Iacofanos,  Alan and Colleen, their son Greg, daughter Colleen and her husband Matt Misconish. It's an annual family trip.

Who knew that Alan Iacofano's lottery win gave him his start in the beverage and liquor business? That was back in 1977 and everyone in his Euclid neighborhood certainly knew since they all were his friends.

But he showed the fiscal self-discipline that has characterized his business life ever since and banked the money he won until he was able to buy his dad's Shoregate Beverage.

Alan, who now owns World Wines & Liquor  in Mentor,  was surprised for the 30th anniversary of  his beverage business with a new office put together from top to bottom by his daughter, Colleen, and son, Brendan, who work for his beverage store just as he worked for his dad's store three decades ago. Colleen, who was lurking in the darkness with a  camera,  caught his surprise in a video when he opened the door and turned on the light.

I profiled Alan in the Thursday paper and it was story that was to have run on Monday. But it didn't since I first needed to talk to Alan himself for the story and couldn't reach him by cellphone. He and his wife had slipped away to North Carolina for a quick visit with one of their sons.

But we had a photo of Alan, his wife Colleen, their California son, Greg. daughter Colleen and her husband Matthew Misconish. Something slipped through the cracks here at the paper and although the story profiles Alan  the picture that ran with it   showed Brian Fife, the store's wine manager and one of Alan's biggest fans.

But those of you who want to be able to wish Alan a Happy Anniversary this week, check out the photo with this blog so you know what he looks like. He's at the store most days.  .


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