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Monday, August 5, 2013

Epic Maui trip enjoyed by 28 member family

All five of the adult Eiswerth children  joined their parents on Maui when Betty Ann and Tom Eiswerth renewed their vows for their 50th wedding anniversary.

Their five kids also renewed their own wedding vows, an occasion witnessed by the 13 grandchildren who also came along. 

When I heard about this story from a parishioner at  one of the area Catholic churches, I was impressed with the logistical  feat of coordinating such an epic trip. Rev. Thomas Johns and Rev. John Betters are area priests who came along to officiate - and word travels fast among area Catholic parishes.

But as I spoke to family members I became more and more captivated with those who are part of this wonderful family. Many of the adults are professionals with their own busy lives and the grandchildren are involved in high school sports, community theater, college studies and dozens of other activities. The grandparents, Betty Ann and Tom, play an active role in all their lives  - something made easier by the fact all have remained in Northeast Ohio.

Family is important for all of them  and its importance is one of the family values being passed on to the grandchildren. Every one of the Eiswerths had to made a huge effort to be on Maui on June 29 when the renewal ceremony took place. The senior Eiswerths are not wealthy people but their efforts multiplied by 28 made the memorable trip happen.

I'm sure  you'll enjoy the Eiswerths story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Just click on the underlined words here to go to it.


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