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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hometown roots ground world explorer

Although an Ohio flatlander by birth,  Jayme Moye has summitted peaks from Colorado to Haiti and Tanzania. 

Whether snorkeling the fissure where tectonic plates meet near Iceland or summiting Kilamanjaro in Tanzania, Jayme Moye remembers her Mentor roots. That's kept her grounded as she experiences the extreme adventure she seeks as a freelance writer of adventure travel. Not yet 40, the now Boulder-Colorado-based Jayme stays fit for challenges involving hiking, mountain-biking, skiing and paragliding with daily weight lifting and running exercises. She eats simple non-processed foods and considers the caloric requirement her workouts - whether for work or play - will require when planning her meals. She's faced danger many times in trips that have taken her to Rwanda, Palestine, and Haiti in recent years. Creepy-crawlies unheard of in Ohio have included flesh-eating ants that crawled up her legs in Africa and a bot fly in Peru whose eggs were carried by a mosquito that ended up biting her. Jayme became ill and needed surgical removal of the worm that hatched from that bite and was taking up residence beneath her skin.

 She can't always pack as light as she'd like since her trips often involve meeting heads of state along with camping in the bush or desert. But she carries and uses hand sanitizer wherever she goes and wears an Ankh, an ancient Egyptian symbol of eternal life, as a good luck amulet.

 Read more about Jayme's adventures in my News-Herald story set to publish on Monday. Or find it online at on Sunday night.

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