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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

World's happiest cities

Only one of the world's top 10 happiest cities is here in America, according to information I've just received. It's based on a world-wide perception survey plus factors such as number of attractions, shopping centers and cultural locations.

I was baffled that weather doesn't seem to have been a factor at all.

But I'm not at all surprised to learn that San Francisco is the city chosen by those surveys. I'll never forget how happy I was one March day when a wayward breeze in Golden Gate Park showered me with petals of cherry blossoms. And what a great feeling it was later that same day to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and actually feel it sway beneath my feet when I reached the middle.
I've visited some of the other happy cities and I agree that Paris, Melbourne, Madrid, Barcelona and Rome all deserve a place on this list .I can think of wonderful experiences I've had in all of them.

 I haven't yet been to  Buenos Aires but its spot at Number One certainly makes me want to go.


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