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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring break along Florida's Panhandle

Spring break has begun in Northwest Florida and the local Sun newspaper carries listings of the colleges whose students are in town for the  snow white talcum soft beaches, free flowing beer and great outdoors fun to be found all along this coast.
Resorts, cottages and hotels and line this coast between Destin and Panama City Beach... a Florida location virtually unheard of by Ohioans.

. In earlier times this coast was jokingly known as the Redneck Riviera because it draws folks from Alabama, Texas and, Mississippi.  But the opening of the Panama City International Airport three years ago  makes it accessible to Ohioans on Southwest Airlines flights and I met more than a few other Buckeyes there.

No college students are partying at Rosemary Beach, however, unless they're there with their parents. Rosemary is a purpose built town begun in 1995 and today filled with  million-dollar plus houses, many of them for rent to vacationers and having wide porches and hidden away brick courtyards.  It's created as a walking town with winding streets hung over with live oaks and Spanish moss, blooming magnolias, narrow sandy lanes as shortcuts,  and boardwalks leading to the beach, which is private with locked gates for which only residents have the secret code .
Next month you'll be able to learn more about Rosemary, which reminded me of an earlier time and place. When people park their cars and walk where they're going, time slows down and the rate race recedes.

Next month you can read more about Rosemary Beach and learn how you can become part of the good life here along Florida's Panhandle Coast of the Gulf of Mexico. It's a Florida destination where summer is the high season although spring and fall are perfectly delightful.


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