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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Montenegro bound

Feedback about Kotor in Montenegro is something I need as I prepare for next week's voyage from Venice. It will be one of my port visits but I know little about it.  My research for this trip, which was put together quickly, was interrupted by surgery and recuperation so I am not as much up to speed as I usually am before traveling.

I know it's south of Dubrovnik, a delightful city I've visited twice before, and know that Montenegro is one of the world's newest countries.

 I'll be aboard the Crystal Serenity and will be in port only one day but I hope to make some discoveries and shoot   photos and videos to share when I return. The ship is wi-fi enabled and I'll bring my computer, but I know from past experience that connections can be iffy by sea.

If you know about this part of the world or are acquainted with someone who might share some advice for my visit, please let me know in comments here, or by email at The News-Herald, where I can be reached at

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