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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer segues into autumn

To me it's not summer until I feel the sand between my toes at the beach, eat sloppy slices of watermelon, watch the Grand River boat traffic from a perch atop Pickle Bill's rooftop deck and frequent a local farmers market.   I usually do all those things in May or early June just to make the season official.
This time of year I give a lot of thought to summer things I didn't do so I  can fit them in  before the leaves start to fall and autumn has arrived.

 I've already eaten clams, taken the morning the chill off  with a fire in my fireplace,  and shopped for both caulk and firewood. This weekend Ill be heading out to Ohio's wine country for a cask tasting of dry reds .from the Grand River Valley winegrowers so even though the calendar still says summer it's quickly drawing to a close.

Let me  hear your suggestions for paying tribute to the long summer of 2012, which to my way of thinking was a fine sunny one, though my farming friends may disagree. How do you say goodbye to summer? Tell me here in the comment function or email me at



Anonymous Sussan Willon said...

The blogs on the summer segues into autumn were great and it was interesting

September 25, 2012 at 5:07 AM 

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