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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wine tasting in gardens

Bouquets, the exquisite wine tasting amid Holden Arboretum's gardens, sells out almost as soon as it's announced to members each year. To keep the event intimate,  the arboretum limits the number of tickets sold,  first offering them to members before they're made available to the public. In other years the tasting took place in the exquisite rhododendron collection with tasting venues and food served beneath canopies scattered throughout the area, which also had small tables and benches.  Work is now being done on that part of the arboretum and this year the tasting will take place amid the lilacs, some of which should still be in bloom on June 2, the Saturday for Bouquets this year.
I've taken heat from readers  in other years for not mentioning Bouquets in my regular Food column, which is why I'm blogging about the wine tasting. It really is one of the most wonderful events of the entire summer to enjoy and readers were disappointed to have missed out. But it's sold out again, so there will be no mention in my column.
The best strategy for those who don't want to miss out again next year is to join the Arboretum. It's just $40 person (or $50 for two if one is 60 or older). Membership yields advance notice of  Bouquets (and lots of other things) and bestows a discounted ticket price of $35 for the tasting. Admission to the arboretum is always free for members, who get  fishing and library privileges along with a host of other benefits.
The 3,500-acre  Holden Arboretum spans the borders of Lake and Geauga counties and has its visitor center at 9500 Sperry Road in Kirtland. Go online at or pay an in-person visit.


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