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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's still winter at Snow Trails resort

Welcome N-H staffer Tracey Read and her account of experiencing a snowy Ohio day at Snow Trails in Mansfield.

With the extremely mild winter we’ve had, skiing is probably not in the forefront of most people’s minds in Northeast Ohio.
And since I had only been on the slopes twice before in my life — and was awful at best — it definitely wasn’t on my mind.
However, my two boys, ages 8 and 9, seemed curious about downhill skiing so I put my apprehensions aside to let them try it out on a recent Sunday at Snow Trails in Mansfield.
The facility was hosting Media Day to celebrate its 50 years in business.
The 1 1/2-hour drive each way was well worth it for the three of us.
I grudgingly put on skis for the first time in 15 years simply so I could keep an eye on my kids.
But after a group lesson with Dave, our instructor, I was feeling very confident and I actually enjoyed going down the bunny hill from the start. More importantly, I was having a great time watching Nate and Alex naturally take to the sport (they must get it from my husband).
After several hours of skiing, we warmed up inside with hot chocolate then tried the snow tubing hills.
We rode a conveyer carpet to the top of the hill and then went down the tube 1,100 feet. The kids did not want to leave, but it was already dark and it was a school night, so we finally had to go.
Snow Trails is Ohio’s first ski resort.
If you’ve never been there, a good time to try it would be this weekend, when they host the 51st Annual Winter Ski Carnival Saturday and Sunday.
Events include the Bikini and Chippendale Slalom races, the SoBe Kid’s Challenge and Cardboard Creation Race, in which competitors build something out of cardboard, tape and paper to be raced down one of the snow tubing lanes.
There is also the Skier and Boarder Cross race Saturday — a hybrid of downhill skiing and snowboarding over a motocross-styled course of snow. Five or six contestants race down the course.
On Sunday, daredevils on snowboards or skis will compete in the Mountain Dew Slush Cup — skimming across an icy pool of green colored slush and water.
The carnival will be held Feb. 25 and Feb. 26.
The resort is located at 3100 Possum Run Road in Mansfield. Visit for more information.

-Tracey Read
Twitter: @Tracey Reporting


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