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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Orgasms on every page, she writes

Johns Palmer' Bistro 44 has a new take on book talk. It's a party at 8 p.m. Wednesday to discuss Fifty Shades of Grey, the runaway best seller by first time author E.L. James. Billed as erotica and aimed at women, it's part of a trilogy and is selling well although many reviewers hate it.. The Wednesday event at the Concord Twp eatery will include drink and food specials with a glass of Christian's Sangria or Ana's Sauvignon Blanc included in the $10 price. Contests also are promised.

"If I wrote like that I'd use a pseudonym too," writes one reviewer who counted125 "blushes and flushes" 9 references to Christian's hooded eyes, and 25 to how hot he is. She counted 199 uses of the word "murmur," 195 "whispers" and 18 breath hitches with intense, body shattering, delicious, violent, and all consuming orgasms on just about every page.  I have not read the book but the John Palmer's party sounds quite interesting, especially the part that urges rsvps by Saturday "or you may be asked to enter the playroom."

Reach John Palmer's at 440 350-0793 for that rsvp.

Then there's a Twitter wine tasting being hosted by Whole Food Market that takes place next month. I'm something of a newbie at Twitter and have only just figured out a little about hash tags, which are # followed by words. Guessing that those of us tasting will be tweeting our response to the different wines we'll be tasting and I'm all for that. I learned a lot about wine on my recent visit to France's Languedoc, where some very good wines are being made.

 More will soon be revealed, I'm told,  and I'll fill you in. My Twitter name? handle? is jpodolakatwork, so stay tuned. 

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