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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Confessions of a travel wuss

I’m not going to lie, people.

I’m wiped.

Out of gas.


And it’s day two of a four-day trip.

I don’t know how regular travel writers, such as The News-Herald’s Janet Podolak, the main caretaker of this blog, do it. This travel writing is no joke.
Sure, trips like this one that has brought me to Nashville, Tenn., are a lot of fun – mainly free fun, full of wonderful food and cool experiences – but they’re also a lot of work.

It’s been go, go, go since I first checked in with you on Wednesday. I’ve visited

-- Nashville’s highly interesting if slightly odd replica of The Parthenon and it’s 40-foot-high statue of Greek goddess Athena

-- The engrossing gallery of Alan LeQuire, the artist who sculpted Athena

-- The exquisite Hermitage Hotel – where the throwback men’s room was actually part of the group tour – and dined at it’s highly rated Capitol Grille, where the steak was to-die-for good

After that, a few of us hit a couple of honky-tonks, including the renowned famous Tootsies Orchid Lounge, where a cover band playing everything from Johnny Cash to Journey had absolutely packed the place. I’ve never had more trouble getting OUT of a bar in my life. Seriously, if there’s a fire code, Tootsies is breaking it. A cool if claustrophobic experience.

So that was just day one. Today we hit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum – I’ve been before and continue to think it’s a magical place. (And I’m not much of a country music fan.) From there it was off to the famed Studio B, where Elvis Presley and myriad other greats recorded gigantic hits, and finally a brief stop at Gruhn Guitars, where owner George Gruhn has millions of dollars’ worth of vintage and new guitar and sells to the stars, locals and tourists alike.

Well, it was a quick stop for me, as I cut out early to hit the room before the evening’s itinerary begins. It helped to return to a small plastic-wrapped plate with sushi and other goodies.

I guess it’s reasons like that why travel writers do it.

Talk to you on Friday. If I’m still moving.

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