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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Greetings from Tennessee

Apparently I'm in the mood for burritos.
Before my flight took off from Cleveland Hopkins Airport, I hit that newer burrito counter at the beginning of the C concourse. (It's not bad, if you're wondering.)
And now, a few hours later I've ordered this:

If you know me, you know I could not NOT order that burrito. That combination is, as I like to say, in my wheelhouse.
Perhaps this is a good time to introduce myself. I'm Mark Meszoros, the assistant managing editor/features at The News-Herald, although I'm usually referred to as the entertainment editor. I've just arrived in downtown Nashville for a few days of music-heavy fun. The main point of the trip is to take in some of Next BIG Nashville, aka SoundLand 2111, a collection of non-country musical performances, but there also will be opportunities for me to go back to the Country Music Hall of Fame -- I'm not a big country fan, but that place is fantastic if you're any kind of music lover -- and more. Look for me to check in on this blog a few times before I leave on Sunday.
Given a few hours to explore before our scheduled events tonight, I needed to refuel, hence this stop at Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant, only a few blocks from the very nice Sheraton downtown where I'm staying.
The view from my room:

If you're wondering, the burrito was blissful; it was hard to know where that wonderful pork ended and the zesty BBQ sauce began. It was brought to my barstool in only a few minutes and finished - along with a Fat Tire draft -- almost as quickly.
Now to walk it off. Talk to you soon.

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