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Friday, August 27, 2010

Preparing for Croatia

My new acquaintance with John Prim has helped me learn a few good Croatian words to take with me on my voyage next month among the Adriatic islands between Dubrovnik and Split. John is the brains behind a new company (Diversified Renewable Concepts) that aims to give people solar technology they can do themselves to reduce their electric bills and their reliance on the grid. (see last sunday's News-Herald if you missed it) Although he hasn't been back to Croatia since 1978 he's helping me to learn basics such as "please", "thankyou" and "you have a beautiful country." In Croatia, like the rest of Europe, many people speak English, but I've discovered that most folks appreciate the effort made to communicate in their own language.
I've learned from John that the "old language" existed before World War II when Croatia was its own country in the Austria-Hungary Empire. When Tito took over and created Yugoslavia, five separate countries including Croatia were rolled into one and the language changed.
In preparing for this trip, I realize how little I know about the history of that part of the world and am trying to get up to speed on that too. If any of you readers can help me out, please do, using the comment section of this blog. I am trying to read Rebecca West's "Black Lamb, Grey Falcon" which everyone recommends, but at 1300 pages I don't think I'll finish it before I leave. It would be great reading on the long flights, but since it's an 18-passenger sailing ship with tight quarters I must pack super light so that book is out. Any packing tips you may have in that regard will also be appreciated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think my family is as excited about your trip to Croatia as you are. We have always wanted to visit what we have heard is a beautiful and historic part of the world, still unspoiled or over run. We anxiously await the details of your trip, wish we could book this one with you.
Podolak Fan Club

September 9, 2010 at 3:01 PM 

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