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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tennessee Travelogue #4: Epilogue

This is the final post from guest blogger Jason Lea on his trip to Chattanooga, Tennesse. For more, read The News-Herad's travel section.

My flight out of Chattanooga is delayed, and I'll likely be sleeping in the Charlotte Airport tonight. Things like this happen when you travel. I've spent nights in the Miami and Atlanta airport before.

If nothing else, it gives me an opportunity to update Janet's blog.

I neglected to mention one important aspect of the Chattanooga art scene in my previous post. The primary reason the relatively small city has such an exciting art community is because of all the support it gets from the local chamber of commerce, government and nonprofits.

The city has a program called Arts Move that helps fund artists' relocation to Chattanooga. So far they have brought 27 artists -- who range from sculptors to writers to dulcimer players -- in the last four years.

Also, Chattanooga has revitalized its once abandoned Main Street through public art. For example, they took an abandoned building and turned it into one of the more audacious sculptures I have ever seen.

They have a bevy of artists -- some locally grown, some imported -- on and along Main Street. Some examples:

The easy way to describe Terry Cannon's art work is mixed media. He stands in front of an unfinished bicycle painting/sculpture here. (I wish I could tell you more about his process, but most of my notes are en route to Cleveland.)

Here's an example of his finished work.

Along the same stretch of road we have blacksmiths who turn aluminum siding into purses, wood workers and glass blowing artists. (Once again, I will have more specific info once I get my notes back.)

Chattanooga also offers outlets for its local artists at venues, including its weekly market. The market offers paintings, caricatures, jewelry made from recycled glass, beeswax candles, sculpted fountains and photography.

A pair of examples:

Overall, I loved the city even though it was hotter than Satan's sauna during most of my visit.

-Jason Lea

P.S. As a parting shot, enjoy this picture of a goat. Local restaurant Sugar's Ribs (great barbecue, better banana pudding) uses goats to mow its lawn.


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