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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Adventure Tuesday

Peter Grubb poses with a statue of Petar Hektorovic, an early Croatian poet.
Peter Grubb, founder of ROW International, was the genius behind my September voyage among the Adriatic islands off Croatia . For nearly 30 years he's forged relationships all over the world and has developed many unusual trips like this one. Whether the destination is Croatia, Jamaica, Turkey, Brazil, Egypt, France, Ecuador or Algeria his guests are connected with the people and culture of places they visit. And through every trip runs a commitment to honor and respect those cultures and to travel responsibly. Those who follow The News-Herald's Travel Section will get to know Peter and a little more about his company on Dec. 12.

Meanwhile, in quirky take on Black Friday, Peter has established Adventure Tuesday, a day on which some of the adventures offered by ROW will be deeply discounted. Most of the trips are on or near the water - no surprise from a guy who got starte3d in the business with white water rafting trips in Idaho and Montana.

Here's how Adventure Tuesday works. Email Peter to get on his newsletter list. ( Monday night you'll learn about the deals that will be available first thing Tuesday. Then get on the phone first thing Tuesday  and call toll-free 800-451-6034. Because he's in Idaho, "first thing" will be noon here or 9 a.m. Pacific Time. First come, first serve is the protocol and messages don't count.
Good luck. Perhaps you'll be the one sailing among the Croatian islands in spring.


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