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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Presidential trivia answer surprises

The Lake County Historical Society’s annual Presidents’ Gala not only brings out folks costumed as various presidents, but it challenges those who know their history pretty well. Those attired each year as one of the eight Ohio presidents are especially well versed in presidential trivia since they know they’ll be questioned by others during the evening.
This year’s Gala at Cappelli’s Party Center raised $8,000 for the historical society, mostly from things donated for the silent auction and the Chinese auction.

It also drew a fair number of politicians, many of whom will be seeking office this year and likely want to increase their face time with would-be constituents. Most are pretty sharp when it comes to American history, including presidential trivia.
Pictured here are Kathie Purmal, history center director, selling Chinese auction tickets. William Howard Taft and his wife Helen were portrayed by Don and Pat Lewis of Willoughby. History Center Education Director Carrie Plummer and her husband, Josh, portrayed Pat and Richard Nixon.
Today we’re including some of the questions so readers can see just how tough they were. I’d love to hear your answers at the end of this blog. I’ll reveal them soon.
One question, posed as a tie-breaker, got a surprising answer from one longtime office holder, who shall remain nameless.
That question was: Which U.S. president was not born in the United States?
“That was Barack Obama,” noted this politician. “He never could produce a birth certificate.”
That can’t be so, proclaimed others at the table. “Oh, but it is,” the politico said. “The liberal media has covered it up.”
Fact is, Obama was born in Hawaii, six months after his mom and dad married. They met at the University of Hawaii, where his father came from Kenya on a scholarship.
The correct answer: William Henry Harrison, ninth president, who was born in Virginia before it became a state.
Here are some of the other questions:
Who was the only person in Americans history to serve as both President and Chief Justice?
Who was the first president to campaign by telephone?
Who was the first U.S. president to be given a speeding ticket?
Who said: “Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.”
Who said: “When more and more people are thrown out of work, unemployment results?”


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