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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

springtime in Atlanta

Atlanta bound early Wed on Delta, and I've lucked out with a small commuter aircraft that has the option of gate check. That means I can leave my bag at the end of the jetway and it will be loaded on the plane without me having to struggle to get it in the overhead bin — or pay extra to check a bag. When I get off the plane in Atlanta it will be on the jetway so can just wheel it away. Best of all, there's no charge for that option, which is available only on the smallest aircraft. I also got Continental frequent flyer miles for this flight when I saw that it's a code share with Delta. The gate agent told me both options will end soon, however. Gate checked bags soon will have a fee and Continental will ally with United instead of Delta.

It was great to see green again as we approached our landing cat Atlanta's Hartsfield Intl Airport - the largest in the country. I'd reserved a shuttle online to the Marriott Marquis and soon we were on our way past pretty pink blossoming trees, something gorgeously purple that was possibly a wisteria or jacaranda and flower beds brimming with purple and yellow pansies. Such a nice preview of spring!
With today's rain in Northeast Ohio I'm sure things will be greening up quickly at home-- maybe by the time I return on Sunday.

Im on the 35th floor of this stunning hotel right downtown within walking distance of everything. The picture you see was taken from the Atrium level showing the levels soaring to the 42nd floor. To me it looked like modern art, so I am sharing it with you.

I'm here in Atlanta for a conference of the Society of American Travel Writers and tonight's group dinner takes place at CNN, where we'll get a behind the scenes tour.


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