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Friday, November 14, 2008

cold to tropics flying

Leaving cold weather for tropical climes takes some planning, especially when going with carryon to avoid the checked bag fee. It also takes planning on the return leg if you don't want to step ankle deep into icy slush while wearing sandals on freshly tanned feet.

This trip I'm headed for is a 36 hour or so cruise aboard a brand new ship as the Celebrity Solstice seeks to gives its staff and facilities a brief test run and get some publicity along the way. Since I board Friday afternoon in Fort Lauderdale and leave the ship Sunday morning there's not much sense in letting myself be tempted to go all out on the wardrobe. I have the additional challenge of traveling with my laptop and camera gear so I really do have to be sensible. And no way am I going to pay the checked bag charge of $15 additional ... which comes out of my pocket even if I AM on the job.

Cruising usually is a great chance to go all out with the glad rags, because unless you're one of the lucky ones with tickets to next month's gala Candlelight Ball at Kirtland Country Club you probably don't have as many dress-to-the-nines opportunities as you did a decade ago.

So I'm dressed in layers with my scoop neck top on underneath, a black silk turtle neck on top of that, my capri length exercise tights with everything topped by a cute 2 piece outfit I bought on some tropical island and rarely have a chance to wear. In my bag are an assortment of filmy tops and my good black silky Chico's traveling pants. They wash out quickly, dry in an hour and are rarely left behind when I pack.

The down side to my planning quickly became apparent when I stepped outdoors this morning to load my bag in the car. It was WARM, the snow was gone, and despite the forecast no rain was falling. I quickly rolled up my great Gortex raincoat (another item I rarely leave home without )and packed it in my bag.

I began to feel overheated while waiting at the gate to board and kept my fingers crossed that the aircraft would be cool. I know I've been on many flights that are super cool so I make a habit of wrapping my laptop in one of my favorite shawls so it does double duty as a cushion and to be available in case no blankets are on hand. I'm flying Continental, which in my opinion is pretty cognizant of comfort issues, but you never know.

When the gate agent made early boarding available for "those who need extra time" I stepped up . "I'm short," I told her. "I'll need help getting my bag in the overhead bin. Does that count?" It obviously did, because I quickly stepped aboard a very warm aircraft to be greeted by a flight attendant who was about 5 foot inch or two shorter than I am.

But I'm off


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A story about how to pack for a trip when going from cold to warm with good places to shop for such clothing would be a great idea. I hope you do one someday as I think many would find it very helpful

January 21, 2009 at 8:42 AM 

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