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Thursday, August 21, 2008

sleepy island getaway

I'm on a sleepy island in Lake Michigan - a place without chain restaurants, hotels and other tourism infrastructure. I'm here to research a story for readers who want to make a true escape from the fray, such as it is.

But when I unpacked last night, I discovered I'd forgotten my contact lens case. My contacts now are resting in a styrofoam cup that came with the coffee maker in my room.

Since I travel with carryon luggage and the TSA is pretty strict for airline passengers, I carefully monitor my fluids and make every ounce count. My zip lock quart size bag, which now takes the place of my makeup bag, had just one contact lens case in it. And I had cleverly filled that with my liquid foundation and moisturizer.

So despite the fact that I have five contact lens cases them back home in Mentor, today I will go in search of a contact lens case on Washington Island - population 680. Since I'm on a group press trip, I don't have my own transportation or much control over my time. So I may be glad to have that styrofoam cup.

I crossed Death's Door to get here. I 'm not sure I'd want to make it in canoe, but the six-mile water crossing early voyageurs named Port de Morts was really quite pleasant as I traveled by ferry to Washington Island yesterday. The and the "door" part of the name took hold for Door County.

Door County, a 75-mile long finger of land sticking into Lake Michigan north of Green Bay, Wisc., is considered the Cape Cod for escapees from Chicago. Driving to the tip of the peninsula to catch our ferry we passed through pretty waterside villages with beaches, kite shops, tea rooms and ice cream emporiums to serve the visitors who come in summer.

It remains to be seen if I'll discover the downside to sleepy island getaway today.


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