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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

loire like home

It's been as cool here as early spring in Ohio, with a good dose of rain. Its hasnt dampened the experience though. Flew over on Continental's new flight with a pilot as my seatmate. He was set to relieve the pilot in charge, which FAA rules require after 8 hours. But the heaqdwinds were with us , and the flight took just 7 hours and 15 minutes so he had a free 24 hours in Paris. I learned all sorts of interesting things about aircraft which Ill share soon.

Flying BusinessFirst on Continental was an exercise in fine dining. Had four choices for entree, a cheese course, free flowing wine and more.

Whirlwind trip so far, Chartres Cathedral is even more beautiful than its photos and its lit with a variety of colors and moving features at night with music in the background. Another 20 landmarks also are lit. Its truly spectacular.

Had a little trouble logging on so this is late. And now I need to depart in 20 minutes and get breakfast before that. Plus packing. So this will be a quck one. Here are some pictures of dinner and more.

will write more soon


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